Education is one of my main priorities. It is important to invest in our children and students because they are our future. In order to keep Maryland school’s #1 in the nation we must ensure education funding in the state and must remain aware of issues facing our education system. This has been one of my main priorities while serving in Annapolis, and I plan on continuing this in the future.

Minimum Wage

With the rising costs happening through out the state, this has become a hot topic in Maryland this year and may be taken up by the General Assembly in the 2014 session. I plan on supporting legislation that would increase the minimum wage in Maryland.

Pitbull Discrimination

The Maryland Court of Appeals made a decision in 2012 to discriminate against Pitbulls in the State of Maryland. This caused many people to be upset against this court decision and have asked the Maryland General Assembly to take action. Unfortunately nothing was resolved in the 2013 Legislative Session, but I am currently looking into options for legislation to discuss this issue in the 2014 Legislative Session.